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[image]Sid Bernstein on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Promoter Sid Bernstein brought The Beatles to Shea Stadium and came on Outsight Radio Hours in 2001 to tell us about this time as a promoter and to promote his book "Not Just the Beatles : The Autobiography of Sid Bernstein" (Nov 29, 2000)
Keywords: Promoter; Sid; Bernstein; Beatles; Shea; Stadium; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Not Just the Beatles; Autobiography
Downloads: 13
[audio]Bruce Pollock on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Author Bruce Pollock interviewed on Outsight Radio Hours about his book "If You Like The Beatles..." We discuss the book which covers what inspired The Beatles, the group's impact, and how their influence is still felt in music today.
Keywords: Author; Bruce Pollock; interview; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Beatles; influence
Downloads: 10
[audio]Farrish_Bryan_20110220_OutsightRadioHours - Outsight Radio Hours
Publicist Bryan Farrish interview 2011-02-20 on Outsight Radio Hours. Farrish gives an insider's account of building reputation and visibility through direct communiction to DJs, finding gig opportunities in such places as churches, and the true value of digital servicing. Digital Servicing is a common industry practive now, but new artists may have an inflated view of its value, based on Farrish's professional experience.
Keywords: Farrish; Bryan; Outsight; Radio; Hours; music; publicist; digital; servicing; promotion
Downloads: 9
[audio]DJ Darren McCreesh on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Interview with Dublin's DJ Darren McCreesh on Outsight Radio Hours about compiling the "Strange Passions" compilation documented obscure recordings from the Irish post-punk scene of 1980-3.
Keywords: Interview; Dublin; DJ; Darren; McCreesh; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Strange Passions; Irish; ireleand; post-punk
Downloads: 12
[audio]Surftone Susan on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
The instrumental music of Susan SurfTone is the subject if interviews with her, here. The 28-July-2013 interview focuses on the album TOO FAR, including working with the WAVESAUCE thermin player, and cover model/dancer Seana.
Keywords: instrumental; music; Susan; SurfTone; TOO FAR; WAVESAUCE; thermin; Seana
Downloads: 9
[audio]Andy Palmer on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Andy Palmer interviewed on Outsight Radio Hours 18-Aug-2013 on his indie release HAZARD OF THE DIE, Buddhism, and turning from a public defender to a musician.
Keywords: Andy Palmer; interview; Outsight; Radio; Hours; HAZARD OF THE DIE; Buddhism; public defender
Downloads: 16
[audio]Ralph Carney on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Ralph Carney, noted Tom Waits sideman, interviewed on Outsight Radio Hours. We discuss his Serious Jass Project as well as work he has done with The Waitresses, David Greenberger, and more.
Keywords: Ralph Carney; Tom Waits; interview; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Serious Jass Project; Waitresses; David Greenberger
Downloads: 11
[audio]Carmen Jose The Copper Gamins 20130505 - Outsight Radio Hours
Jose Carmen of The Copper Gamins on Outsight Radio Hours. In this 5-May-2013 interview from central Mexico, Jose discusses inspiration from The White Stripes and bringing together a group like The Copper Gamins in such a remote location.
Keywords: Jose Carmen; Copper Gamins; Outsight; Radio; Hours; interview; Mexico; White Stripes
Downloads: 29
[audio]Mark Growden interview, 18 April, 2010 - Outsight Radio Hours
This interview with musician and music creator Mark Growden focuses on his âSt. Judas" CD. His first in 8 years, it is produced by Oz Fritz, who works with Tom Waits, and several of Waits' players are on the record, as well. We explore the Tom Waits connection through the Bay Area scene and Growdenâs associations beyond, such as COVERT. This is the site-specific concert series Growden co-produces with famed artist John Law.
Keywords: outsight; radio; hours; interview; mark; growden; st. judas; john law; tom waits; oz fritz
Downloads: 19
[audio]Roye Albrighton of Nektar interviewed on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Roye Albrighton of Nektar interviewed 27-Apr-2008 on Outsight Radio Hours about the album Book of Days.
Keywords: music; outsight; interview
Downloads: 40
[audio]Miss Pussycat on Outsight Radio Hours June 13, 2010 - Outsight Radio Hours
Enroute to a NYC performance with Quintron, Miss Pussycat tells us about recent Quintron & Miss Pussycat projects, such as a New Orleans Museum of Art residency and getting a song on the closing episode of Treme.
Keywords: Quintron; Miss Pussycat; New Orleans Museum of Art; Treme; Outsight; Radio; Hours
Downloads: 18
[audio]Cady Finlayson on Outsight Radio Hours 6-June 2010 - Outsight Radio Hours
Irish fiddler Cady Finlayson is best known for her Irish music expertise. We talk about that and how and why she took her career in a Celtic direction. However, Finlaysonâs latest release, Electric Green, is a collaboration with French guitarist Vita Tanga that goes well beyond traditional Celtic boundaries. The idea began with musical experimentation during an electric guitar and fiddle performance in New York City...
Keywords: Irish; fiddle; Cady Finlayson; Celtic; Electric Green; Vita Tanga; outsight; radio; hours; interview
Downloads: 15
[audio]Kevin Healy intervew on Outsight Radio Hours 14-Feb-2010 - Outsight Radio Hours
In this live phone interview, Kevin Healy, aka Geordie Skuffle, tells us of recording legendary rock songs played totally unplugged. As Skuffle, there are no electric instruments involved, no synthesizers, no drum kit. Healy talks of choosing the songs and working with other West End professional theatric musicians on the project.
Keywords: Kevin Healy; Geordie Skuffle; covers; Skuffle; West End
Downloads: 7
[audio]Marilyn Carino on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
These interviews with Marilyn Carino on Outsight Radio Hours cover her time with Mudville, the start of her post-Mudville solo career and her "Little Genius" album. We also talk about Buddhism, life, and more.
Keywords: interview; Marilyn Carino; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Mudville; Little Genius; Buddhism
Downloads: 8
[audio]Jay Allen Sanford on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Interviewed here is Jay Allen Sanford, Todd Loren's right hand man and co-creator of Rock 'N' Roll Comics. He is featured in the documentary The Story Of Rock 'n' Roll Comics and we talk about the doc as well as the comic line's past and future.
Keywords: Jay Allen Sanford; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Todd; Loren; Rock 'N' Roll Comics
Downloads: 12
[audio]Projekt artists interviewed on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Projekt artists interviewed on Outsight Radio Hours
Keywords: Projekt; interview; Outsight; Radio; Hours
Downloads: 2
[audio]Johnson Glenn of the Leisure Class 2009-11-15 - Outsight Radio Hours
This is the 15 November 2009 interview with the man behind post-punk sonic pranksters Leisure Class. That is, drummer Glenn Johnson. We hear about the history and jester mentality of Leisure Class and the unusual situation of Glenn Johnson being on stage backing up Wild Man Fischer.
Keywords: Outsight; Radio; Hours; post-punk; Leisure Class; drummer; Glenn Johnson; Wild Man Fischer
Downloads: 22
[audio]Nervebreakers on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
This is an interview with Mike Haskins of the first generation punk band Nervebreakers. He recalls gigs with Roky Erickson and The Sex Pistols while telling us of the groupâs current and future projects.
Keywords: Nervebreakers; mike haskins; Outsight; Radio; Hours; punk; Roky Erickson; get hip; Sex Pistols
Downloads: 65
[audio]Stace England on Outsight Radio Hours 7-Feb-2010 - Outsight Radio Hours
Stace England live interview on Outsight Radio Hours 7-Feb-2010. Discussion of his music, Little Egypt in Illinois, and the latest album paying tribute to African-American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux
Keywords: Stace England; salt king; Outsight Radio; Hours; Little Egypt; Illinois; Oscar Micheaux
Downloads: 11
[audio]Rick Ruiner on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Rick "Rick Ruiner" Lappin on Outsight Radio Hours cover their albums "Postapocalipstick World" and "How's That Grab Ya?"
Keywords: Ruiners; Rick; Ruiner; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Lappin; Postapocalipstick; How's That Grab Ya
Downloads: 162
[audio]Days Between Stations on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
These Days Between Stations include a 25-Nov-2007 interview with Sepand Samzadeh about the group's debut and literary inspiration. The 7-July-2013 interview finds ORH catching up with the duo through Oscar Fuentes Bills' updates on the sophomore release including working with Yes member Billy Sherwood, the now deceased prog musician Peter Banks, and more.
Keywords: Outsight; Radio; Hours; Days Between Stations; Sepand Samzadeh; Oscar; Fuentes Bills; Billy Sherwood; Peter Banks
Downloads: 13
[audio]Christopher Brown of Random Touch on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
In these 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012 interviews, Christopher Brown of Random Touch recalls decades of progressive music and audio experimentation. The talks cover the unique duo album Duologue and co-release A True Conductor Wears A Man as well as more recent albums and projects. Often, we range off-topic to books, numerology and more. In the 2012 interview, Christopher looks back on the completed, multi-media Random Touch project with the release of the final recording of a triptych.
Keywords: Christopher Brown; Random Touch; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Duologue; A True Conductor Wears A Man
Downloads: 31
[audio]Ric Byer on Outsight Radio Hours, 23 May 2010 - Outsight Radio Hours
This interview with Ric Byer, aka 05Ric, is about blld. blld is his collaboration with Markus Reuter that picks up where the King Crimson album Thrak left off. We discuss with Ric his engineered advancements on bass design and future of blld.
Keywords: outsight radio hours; ric byer; 05ric; markus reuter; thrak; king crimson; blld; bass
Downloads: 35
[audio]Stephen Moses of Alice Donut - Outsight Radio Hours
Alice Donut's Stephen Moses (drummer) interview on Outsight Radio Hours
Keywords: Stephen Moses; Alice Donut; interview; radio; outsight
Downloads: 20
[audio]Timothy Sellers on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Two interviews with Timothy Sellers of Artichoke. One from 19 February 2012, the othe from May 2005 or earlier. In the 2012 interview we talk about his album about bees, in the earlier interview we talk about his songs about scientists.
Keywords: Timothy; Sellers; artichoke; Outsight; Radio; Hours; bees; scientists
Downloads: 16
[audio]Bob Sloan on Outsight 28-November-2010 - Outsight Radio Hours
In an Outsight Radio Hours interview, Bob Sloan discusses his blog site: http://sloan-wwwpiecp-violations.blogspot.com/ and the impact of corporations and corporate influences upon our government by private prison management companies in search of larger profits. He discusses many of the changes that have occurred over the past 30 years that have brought us to this point, the impact upon prisons, manufacturing and other important issues that result from PIECP violations
Keywords: private; prisons; outsight; radio; hours; bob sloan; robert sloan; piecp
Downloads: 21
[audio]Shane Bugbee on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
A handful of interviews with Shane Bugbee on Outsight Radio Hours. The 6-Jan-2013 one covers "The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America", a book and movie (http://www.usaodd.com/) an outcome of their 2008 Year At the Wheel (http://www.youtube.com/ayearatthewheel/) to "cover the 2008 election from all the wrong zip codes".
Keywords: shane; amy; bugbee; Outsight; Radio; Hours; 2008; election; interview; interviews
Downloads: 211
[audio]MC Maguire interview on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
MC Maguire interview on Outsight Radio Hours. MC Maguire is a progressive electronic composer that drew the attention of both Innova and John Zorn's Tzadik labels.
Keywords: MC; Maguire; interview; Outsight; Radio; Hours; electronic; composer; Innova; John Zorn; Tzadik
Downloads: 29
[audio]Electric Shepherd on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
In this 25-November-2012 interview, drummer Sonny Pearce tells us about Electric Shepherd's song "The Misled Herd" and the concepts behind the album THE IMITATION GARDEN. The group sonically and purposefully continues the San Francisco psychedelic rock tradition from that city.
Keywords: drummer; Sonny; Pearce; Electric Shepherd; Misled Herd; IMITATION GARDEN
Downloads: 7
[audio]Dan Susnara on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Creative home recording artist Dan Susnara interviewed on Outsight Radio Hours the 21-April-2013 interview is focused on his new breadwinter project. In 2014 Dan returned to talk about his more recent creations, which are becoming less collages and more compositional. These podcasts are preserved as Mixcloud cloudcasts.
Keywords: home; recording; Dan; Susnara; interview; Outsight; Radio; Hours; breadwinter
Downloads: 14
[audio]The Grannies on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Interview with guitarist Sluggo of the The Grannies on Outsight Radio Hours. The talk is about the cross-dressing as punk rock octagenerians, working with Jack Endino producing or mastering nearly every release by the group, and the full story on how Sluggo acquired a broken guitar from Kurt Cobain and how it later bailed him our of financial difficulty.
Keywords: Interview; Sluggo; Grannies; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Jack Endino; guitar; Kurt; Cobain
Downloads: 18
[audio]Subsonics on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Clay Reed of long-lived garage revival act Subsonics interviewed on Outsight Radio Hours about "In The Black Spot" (2012, Slovenly Recordings), touring to Spain, and Jimi Hendrix bootlegs.
Keywords: Clay Reed; Subsonics; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Black Spot; Slovenly; Recordings; Jimi Hendrix; bootlegs
Downloads: 18
[audio]Art Paul Schlosser ORH - Outsight Radio Hours
23-Feb-2014 interview with busker and recording artist Art Paul Schlosser. We discuss the influence of Allan Sherman and the role of parody in his art.
Keywords: outsight; radio; hours; art; paul; schlosser; allan sherman; parody; outsider music; busking; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 1
[audio]Gary Lucas interviews on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Get more info at: http://www.garylucas.com On 9 August 2009 Outsight Radio Hours was graced with the presence of Gary Lucas (Gods & Monsters, Fast ânâ Bulbous). We talked about the new album Waxed Oop by Fast 'n' Bulbous which features largely instrumental explorations of the Captain Beefheart songbook. Lucas also generously shares with us details of us association with Captain Beefheart and how that made him early on an evangelist for the Captain...
Keywords: Outsight; Radio; Hours; Gary Lucas; Gods & Monsters; Fast & Bulbous; Waxed Oop; Captain Beefheart; Rishte; Indian; Najma; Akhtar; World Village Records; Delta blues; Skip James
Downloads: 44
[audio]Scanner Interviews on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Scanner talks about working with The Post Modern Jazz Quartet on "Blink of an Eye" and the subtle touch of embedding his sounds into those of the New York jazz ensemble. We talk about other Scanner projects and included is a vintage chat with Scanner from April, 2001 or earlier, we can't be sure...
Keywords: scanner; professor; robin rimbaud; matthew shipp; outsight; radio; hours; Post Modern Jazz Quartet; Blink of an Eye; jazz
Downloads: 52
[audio]Robert Normandeau on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
In this Robert Normandeau interview we talk about the definition of "music", if electroacoustic compositions apply, the short-lived DVD Audio format, and more.
Keywords: Robert; Normandeau; Outsight; Radio; Hours; electroacoustic; eam; dvd; audio
Downloads: 52
[audio]Doctor Publico on Outsight Radio Hours 8-August 2010 - Outsight Radio Hours
Interview with former Federal Prisoner Nick Medvecky, a.k.a. Doctor Publico, and current blogger at AmericanTribune.org. He is reflecting back to a complex world his 20 years of experience in federal penitentiaries.
Keywords: Doctor Publico; Outsight; Radio; Hours; AmericanTribune.org; American; Tribune
Downloads: 7
[audio]Hans Fjellestad on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Hans Fjellestad interview on Outsight Radio Hours from 2003 about Donkey and the experimental/new music Trummerflora collective. The interview focuses on the Donkey "Big Sur" [2002/Accretions, ALP028], which after the initial studio track is a live Big Sur recording of Fjellestad's duo with Damon Holzborn.
Keywords: Hans Fjellestad; 33; moog; interview; accretions; Outsight; Radio; Hours; donkey; experiemimental; new; music; trummerflora; collective
Downloads: 7
[audio]Adrian H on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Adrian H of Adrian H & The Wounds interviewed on Outsight Radio Hours about doing vintage-feelign goth-rock without guitars, backing David J, and weird Austin.
Keywords: Adrian H; wounds; Outsight; Radio; Hours; goth; David J; Austin
Downloads: 13
[audio]Greg Miller on Outsight Radio Hours 15 August, 2010 - Outsight Radio Hours
Phone interview of Greg Miller of Whiskey Daredevils on Outsight Radio Hours 15 August, 2010
Keywords: Greg Miller; Outsight; Radio; Hours; whiskey daredevils
Downloads: 10
[audio]Little Fyodor on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Little Fyodor interviewed on Outsight Radio Hours. We talk about BOYD RICE PRESENTS: THE VERY BEST OF LITTLE FYODOR'S GREATEST HITS! and Little Fyodor's own album's as well as early inspiration by the banned Ramones track "Carbona not Glue"
Keywords: Little Fyodor; interview; Outsight; Radio; Hours; BOYD RICE; Ramones; Carbona not Glue
Downloads: 22
[audio]Ben Model on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
We speak to Ben Model about his DVD anthology of silent films "Accidentally Preserved", the history of silent shorts, and more.
Keywords: Outsight; Radio; Hours; Ben Model; DVD; silent; films; film; Accidentally Preserved; shorts
Downloads: 8
[audio]Sandy Asirvatham On ORH - Outsight Radio Hours
Sandy Asirvatham is on Outsight Radio Hours for this 9-Feb-2014 interview to discuss Mobtown Moon. This is a project she enacted bringing together Baltimore musicians for a jazzy, sophisticated, and rich homage to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" for its 40th anniversary.
Keywords: Sandy Asirvatham; Outsight; Radio; Hours; interview; Mobtown Moon; andrew grimm; Baltimore; Pink Floyd; Dark Side of the Moon
Downloads: 2
[audio]Tony Fletcher on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Author Tony Fletcher on Outsight Radio Hours. In the 10-February-2013 interview we discuss his book on the Smiths, "A Light That Never Goes Out: The Enduring Saga of the Smiths".
Keywords: Author; Tony Fletcher; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Smiths
Downloads: 27
[audio]Karie Jacobson of The Dagons on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Karie Jacobson of The Dagons on Outsight Radio Hours about the bands watery and pagan influences
Keywords: Karie; Jacobson; Dagons; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Dagon
Downloads: 5
[audio]Susan SurfTone On Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Susan SurfTone on Outsight Radio Hours. The 28-Jul-2013 interview is about the groovy and cool "Too Far" CD, it's splash of theremin, cover model Seana, and more.
Keywords: Susan; SurfTone; Outsight; Radio; Hours; surf; theremin; seana
Downloads: 11
[audio]Heather Haley interview December 16, 2007 on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Old School and proud of it, poet Heather Haley recalls her involvement in the early Canadian punk scene with The Zellots in more. On the eve of the release of her Aural Heather CD of spoken word songs, Princess Nut, we also here how this is a progression of her earlier spoken word and song projects.
Keywords: Heather Haley; Outsight Radio Hours; Outsight Radio; Outsight; Zellots; The Zellots; Aural Heather; Princess Nut
Downloads: 11
[audio]Andrew Low on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
In this 20-Jan-2008 interview with Andrew Low of Jazz June we discuss working in music stores, moving to London with his British wife, his punk-ish solo project Wake Up Dead
Keywords: interview; Andrew Low; Jazz June; music stores; London; Wake Up Dead; Outsight; Radio; Hours
Downloads: 11
[audio]Graham Reynolds on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Interviews with Graham Reynolds, composer for film (A Scanner Darkly, etc.) and stage, on Outsight Radio Hours. These interviews discuss his recorded composition projects and the beginnings of collaboration with Christina Marrs.
Keywords: Graham Reynolds; Outsight; Radio; Hours; a scanner darkly; Christina Marrs
Downloads: 17
[audio]Jim Miller on Outsight Radio Hours - Outsight Radio Hours
Jim Miller (Black Angel's Death Song, Trash Can School) is on to talk about his book Niceness In The '90s: An Indie Music Memoir and we chat about The Gits, L7, and more.
Keywords: Jim Miller; Outsight; Radio; Hours; Black Angel's Death Song; Trash Can School; grunge; Niceness In The '90s; Indie; Music; Memoir; Gits; L7
Downloads: 1
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